Curriculum: Science

At Beverley Minster CE (VC) Primary School we want our children to be curious about the world around them, and encourage them to seek answers to the scientific questions they pose. The National Curriculum lays the foundation for our ambitious Science curriculum, and we believe that along with the rich resources our local context provides, these are the stepping stones to ensuring our children enter the next stages of their lives as confident scientists.

Our Science curriculum builds in opportunities for our children to bring science out of the classroom, into a real world context; exploring how the knowledge and skills within our curriculum relate to their everyday life. We believe that this is best achieved through the development of our children’s ‘working scientifically’ skills, putting their theories into practice and finding answers to their questions. Moreover, to ensure our children become critical thinkers, researching, discussing and evaluating a range of scientific sources from textbooks to online articles is a key element when exploring scientific concepts. Children are individuals who learn at their own pace, and as such it is essential that we provide them with a challenging curriculum that will enable them to know more and remember more as they progress through each stage and have a deep understanding of the science behind the experiment. In this way, we can challenge all our pupils, regardless of starting points or backgrounds, to become Beverley Minster Scientists.

Progression of Knowledge and Skills